The USS Improvise sets phasers to FUN!

The crew of the USS Improvise bring to life the characters from the classic (and arguably, best) Star Trek series: Star Trek: The Next Generation in a never before seen episode. What mission does this plucky crew set forth into strange new worlds with? How does this universally diverse crew solve the problems of the cosmos? Oh, and did we mention it is a musical?!


See the intrepid crew in action! Check out the variety of improvised shows at our playlist online:




The intrepid crew performs annually at The Funhouse Lounge in
Portland, Oregon. (traditionally January/February).

But we also get around!

Performing, at Improv & Theatre Festivals, Conventions, and at private events

Join this delightful cast in 2024 as we return for another awesome year at Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, WA!

55 Year Mission Tour

We were delighted (and terrified… no we weren’t we’re always brave… who’s writing this thing anyway?!) to perform LIVE in 2021 at Creation Entertainment’s 55-Year Mission Tour in Las Vegas Nevade. #STLV  on Instagram to see how it went!

Improv Festivals and Private Shows

At festivals we’re often asked to perform not one but two amazing musicals! USS Improvise has  performed at the Seattle Festival of improvised Theatre, Hawaii Improvaganza, and if not for the pandemic that shall not be named, New York Musical Improv Festival and Alaska State Improv Festival.

In addition to traveling to festivals, we love being brought in to perform at private events. We’d love to tell you more about them… but they’re private!

Rose City Comic-Con

What’s more delightful than watching your favorite characters from TNG sing from the heart about away-missions, the pressures of Starfleet, love and heart break?!

At Rose City Comic Con our show packed not one, but two conference spaces that had been joined together. And we say packed… we mean standing room only!


Interested in booking a show? Want to be a part of the action? Have questions about how to join Starfleet Academy? Want to just watch?


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